Mr Quiz is simply an innovative software that enables you to exploit the quiz format with great ease, to turn it into a business opportunity and cutting-edge entertainment. Over the years, Mr Quiz has become the cornerstone for a large number of entrepreneurs. This is why we have worked so hard to take our product to the top and make it ever more developed, always in step with the times, both technologically and culturally. The levels reached today are the highest that a continuously evolving market could demand.

Our strong point has undoubtedly been the work undertaken by carefully selected, close-knit staff and this, teamed with our experience in the field, has helped us to understand the requirements of a challenging market, such as we face today. It might seem odd that a format based on one of the oldest types of television show in the world can still achieve and maintain high level results even today. But the most interesting thing is that it can be used in so many situations that, even now, we keep finding new occasions for it.

Starting with pubs, we have succeeded in making Mr Quiz adaptable to the most disparate commercial situations, such as promos in shopping centres, shows put on with local organisations, driving schools and street parties, not to mention customised events for businesses and companies, cruise liner shows, TV programmes for local broadcasters and much more.

Given such a versatile product, there are very few negatives. Moreover, our strong point is the continuous consistency and commitment we put into keeping this format up-to-date. Thanks to all this, today Mr Quiz is available for an even more demanding market, which ranges from club and pub managers to whoever would like to become an entrepreneur and start up with this attractive business, as well as entertainment agencies looking to offer a greater variety of services with a product of undoubted value.

The heart and engine of Mr Quiz is CUNA Group, a company based in Panama, which deals with worldwide distribution, oh yes, because Mr Quiz is actually an international format and available not only in English but in many other languages, ready to be used wherever you are.


With Mr Quiz inside a pub, club or for any situation that best suits your needs, you can create a show that is just like the big TV quizzes in every way. Anyone taking part becomes an actual competitor, answering with a keyboard that the organiser provides, taking up a challenge against everyone else. Depending on the setting you want to create or what the event requires, the number and quantity of keyboards distributed can be varied, but that's not all, the software also enables the format to be personalised.

Amongst the various functions is one which enables the questions to be customised, so for an event with a specific business purpose in mind, they can be dedicated to the product or to the event itself. That means that you can decide how to develop the event, or to use the easy-to-learn standard functionalities out of the box. Multimedia questions involving audio, video and images are just a few examples of the potential of this sophisticated tool. Through the control panel, complete with multiple functions, any type of request can be fulfilled, and all with amazing ease of use.


A cutting-edge project like this always has to have an answer to hand!

There is an online support guide and, with just a few clicks, you can find the answer to every specific problem. All information, every topic, every detail is channelled in a quick and easy way, but there's more! Should you need information that is not in the online guide or that relates to topics that haven't been mentioned, you can always depend upon our technical support, comprising technicians, programmers and business advisers who will always be available. All you need do is open a ticket on the appropriate support site and within a short space of time you will receive a precise reply relating to the problem.


We can offer you the chance to become part of this large, innovative network in many ways. Contact us today to see what Mr Quiz can do for you!

Mr Quiz, because price matters too!


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Thanks to our partnership with Ryanair, Mr Quiz game participants could have the chance to receive flight vouchers* for 2 passengers.

(*) Taxes and extras not included. Subject to limitations and conditions of use. MR QUIZ and all names, symbols, emblems, logos and colors are trademarks owned by CUNA Group SA, Panama. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.