The Game

The adrenaline rush of a quiz show, the buzz of winning, that good feeling you get when you're with friends, the fun of a different kind of evening, a surprise to get the party going.

Mr Quiz is an innovative way to liven up evenings in pubs, bars, restaurants or on any other special occasion: business conventions, street parties or even just an evening with friends - now anyone can experience the excitement of being a contestant on a big quiz show.

From today, you can also have fun with our new apps including Mr Vote, a fun system where you're on the panel and can vote, for example, in a beauty contest, a song competition or any other event.

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Mr Quiz offers you the amazing possibility of starting a business in the entertainment sector, but that's not all. Our company is offering anyone interested a range of offers expressly designed to adapt to the requirements of individual pubs and clubs, entertainment agencies and large or small businesses.

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The trick is to always place the prefix Mr before the urban area, city or known venue name to find out all the details.